— Exclusive No Tricks, All Treats Halloween Opportunity —
“Are You Ready to Take Advantage of our Halloween Offer?—To Publish Your Book and Achieve Success with Pre-Order Sales Before Christmas?
So You Can End the Year on a High and Start 2020 as a Published Author with a Successful Marketing Plan in Progress!
From The Desk Of Hayley Paige
London, United Kingdom

Hello, my amazing writer!

I have a genuine question for you... 

Would you like to finally start taking action on your dreams and know, with certainty and clarity, that your book is going to be published and you're going to be a published author—and not only that but by the end of the year?

So you can:

Stop sitting on your ideas and dreaming of One Day…

Transition from Writer to Author by the end of the year, ending 2019 on the biggest high…

Watch as we bring together the most professional components, processes and formulas to position you as an author of a book you can be proud of.

Market your book to Best Seller status (and reap the benefits of being a Best Selling author!)…

And position yourself on the same platform as well-known authors across the world?

Not to mention, watch as all of this unfolds within a very short period, from start to finish?

More specifically, by taking advantage of our seasonal Halloween offer, we’ll have your book all set up and ready for pre-order sales by Christmas—the busiest time for sales!—well, more specifically, by Black Friday!

If all of this resonates with you, then this letter is your new best friend!

Let me tell you why…
Because If Any of This Sounds Like You...
I’ve always dreamt of being published, but the traditional route just isn’t working for me.

I’m held back by the fear that I’m not good enough to publish, but I still want to do it!

I’m told I could always self-publish, but I lack the skills needed in order to publish to a professional standard.

Traditional avenues keep on rejecting me, but I know I have an amazing story and I want to get it out there!

I don’t have a huge following and I’m not a marketing genius so I’m scared I won’t be successful.

I’m not a well-known writer but I’m desperate to see my books sold in stores.

I published a book once and it was a complete flop. Maybe the same will happen again…

I’ve written my book but I know it needs some polishing. I just want my readers to enjoy my story.
I Promise You You're Not Alone
So many of the writers I work with every single day think they’re not good enough to be a successful writer.

But you ARE.

In fact, every writer has this fear and yet every writer has to start somewhere, and NOW is the best time so that you can take advantage of the huge sales that flood the market in the lead-up to Christmas.

But you know this already. And you know why we present your perfect solution (or you wouldn’t already be here!)

And as if our hybrid publishing model—complete with 100% royalties, full rights to your work, professional cover design (through our copyrighted Cover Creation Code), in-house editing and typesetting, professional publication and global distribution—wasn’t already enough…

We have something more…

Something so unbelievable it’s actually crazy…

Or maybe even scary…
Because We Love Halloween, Look At What I'm Offering You...
An amazing seasonal opportunity just for you...

One that's filled with many different treats (with no tricks in sight).

Not only are we presenting one of our most generous opportunities to date…

But we’re also making this a complete no-brainer!

We have put one of our most popular publishing solutions at a huge discount…

And not only that, but we’re also throwing in a huge number of other freebies, just so that we can ensure our writers end this year on a high…

Rather than once again getting to the last few weeks with their book dreams buried under another promise of ‘One Day’…
There Are 5 Reasons Why Now Is The Time to Publish Your Book…
…Which I have come to know after years in the business:
Reason #1: We Are About to Enter the Busiest Time of the Year for Sales
In fact, by taking advantage of our Halloween offer, your book will be available for pre-order by Black Friday—the busiest shopping day of the entire year—allowing you to maximise your launch!  
Reason #2: Your Goal of Becoming An Author Is Long Overdue!
Think about how long you’ve wanted to get your book published… 

How long you’ve imagined holding your book in your hands and finally calling yourself an Author…

Now think of all the people you’ve spoken to who’ve said they, too, want to publish a book…

And the fact that most of them (if not all) are likely sitting around just thinking about it, not acting.

(And, I dare say, never will).

Don’t be like them. Make this happen—and do so at the very best time of the year: right now.
Reason #3: We Won't Be Presenting Another Opportunity Like This!
We have some very big news that’s set to go live in the next coming weeks…

And when it does, our publishing model will change and our prices will be going UP.

And so before that happens, we want to present this huge opportunity to transform yet more writers into authors, and to then take those driven, focused and determined writers to Best Seller status—and by the end of 2019! 

Imagine that feeling!

So now ask yourself:

Are you a driven, focused and determined writer?
Reason #4: Technology Is Better Than Ever Before… And You Can Harness Its Power For Your Success!
Technology in the book-writing and -publishing arena is moving fast—meaning writers are now able to take advantage of many different tools and platforms. 

And with social media, everyday interactions are a huge factor in generating easy, organic sales.

But the market will soon become saturated with all of those writers wishing they’d taken the leap—and so now is the best time to position yourself at the front of the Author Race! 


You benefit from technology and all it has to offer without having to fight for your book to be seen in amongst those with similar stories!
Reason #5: The Internet Means You Have The Whole World of Readers and Book Buyers At Your Fingertips!
This translates into book sales, access to your readers, communication with your fans, and the opportunity to set up book tours and signings across the world!

Bottom line—getting your book out there allows you to become an author and to achieve your life goal of writing a book.

And if you take advantage of this opportunity and allow us to take you through the incredible journey we take all of our writers on…
Which will also prevent you from travelling the same path so many other aspiring authors do... 

That of failure. 

You see, there’s a right way to publish your book and send it out into the world…

But without a professional team behind you and instead choosing to 'go it alone'... 

It really isn't a pretty picture (regardless of what other well-meaning writers might say...)
There’s A Wrong Way to Publish Your Book
I won't mention names here, because the disappointment must already be too much to bear... 

But only this week, I've spoken with two writers who've always dreamt of becoming authors and achieving success for their books... 

They both reasoned that, if they just wrote my book and put it out there, readers would come flocking…

But both of them have struggled to sell even a handful of copies.

Not to mention the time and energy—and money they didn’t have!—on trying to sell their books.

Both of these writers didn't have the important processes nailed.

And neither of them knew their reading audiences, where to find them, or how to get them excited about their books.

And the readers that did buy their book…?

Were disappointed.

They might have loved the idea of the book, but it's delivery was not up to scratch.
  • We're talking poor cover design. 
  • No professional typesetting.
  • Poor editing. 
  • ​Typos and errors throughout. 
  • ​Inconsistency.
  • And even, would you believe, missing critical components, such as Copyright pages and page numbers...
All of which led to poor sales (beyond friends and family), more being spent on advertising than was being generated by sales, and zero chance of key platforms listing the books (let alone bookstores).
Notably, one of these authors has recognised the value of relaunching his book with us at Notebook, while the other...
You can imagine...
The Four Key Elements We Address:
  • The exact formula needed for the cover design of not only your particular genre but your individual book, which will ensure not only that your ideal reading audience will be attracted to your book but  that the content itself will align with their expectations.
  • A system for bringing together all elements of your book and ensuring all loose ends are tied up, with no questions left unanswered in your readers’ minds, notably through proficient editing.
  • A highly effective publication and distribution process, utilising thousands of online and in-store relationships and networks we have established and built up, including in-store book signings, such as at Barnes & Noble, Chapters and Waterstones.
  • Proficient, expert marketing, implemented across all stages of your book's publication, spanning pre-publication, pre-order and post-launch.
The result?

The publication of a perfectly executed book that will really allow you to be proud of the Author you are set to become.

Regardless of genre—and all before Christmas.

Take Jon, who worked one-to-one with me personally throughout his entire book-writing journey, utilising our Creative Crafting Critique service to perfect the storyline of his Contemporary Adventure and to refine and build on his characters:
Meet Catherine, who has watched her dreams come true after working closely with me personally and the entire Notebook Publishing team to get her book published after working on it for 18 YEARS!
And then another of my amazing writers, Amanda, who said this about her experience working with me:

“It has been one of the best experiences ever. Hayley has been fantastic. Her whole team is fantastic! I feel like I’m really part of the family. Without her, my book never would have seen the light of day, and so I would choose Hayley over and over again—and I suggest you do the same!”

Your book can have the very same impact and results in YOUR life, with your own writing journey no longer needing to be put off but finally pursued with your life goal of becoming an author quickly achieved.
But Let Me Be Clear Who This Opportunity Is For…
I’m not suggesting that everyone presented with this opportunity will decide they are going to take advantage and achieve their goals...

(Unfortunately, too many people mean well and genuinely aspire to publish their book, but then choose to let the witching hour pass them by…)

Even with all the information, systems, processes and insider knowledge my team and I will be giving them...

As a writer, your ultimate success will ALWAYS depend on you, on whether you decide to take the next step and make your dreams reality...
For Driven, Focused, Ready-to-Act Writers
Someone like you who has always wanted to publish their book, to impact book-lovers across the world. 

Someone who will make the very most of this opportunity and head on this journey with us, preparing for success.

So, if you are interested in finally acting and getting your book published to the highest of professional standards and made available across thousands of platforms worldwide…

Whether fiction—horror, thriller, science fiction, children's fiction, contemporary, romance, erotica—or non-fiction... We have all bases covered.

Allowing you to achieve your dream of becoming an author…

While positioning you to achieve some of the best results for you and your book… 

Making your book the best it can possibly be, and allowing you to benefit from our industry-level finish and global distribution.

Knowing this is exactly what you've been looking for, it’s time to discuss…
The Opportunity We're Presenting
This Halloween
Our most popular publishing solution, the Austen, which provides the following:
  • ​Paperback availability.
  • ​Hardcover availability.
  • ​eBook availability.
  • ​Customised full-colour cover design, aligned with our exclusive, copyrighted Cover Creation Code.
  • ​Manuscript proofreading and copy editing of up to 80,000 words.
  • ​Professional typesetting.
  • ​ISBN assignment x2.
  • ​Barcode generation x2.
  • ​Your very own book-specific Copyright page.
  • ​Synopsis- and blurb-writing and editing.
  • ​Electronic proof.
  • ​Paperback proof copy.
  • ​Hardcover proof copy.
  • ​One round of changes if required.
  • ​Books in Print registration.
  • ​Google search.
  • ​Amazon search.
  • ​Paperback books x25.
  • ​Hardcover books x15.
  • ​Worldwide availability and distribution.
  • ​UK Copyright filing and certification.
  • ​Monthly royalty payments.
  • ​Author-publisher support.
  • ​100% royalties.
  • ​Complete rights to your book.
  • ​Exclusive Welcome Kit (never before sent to any other Notebook author).
  • ​TV interview proposal template.
  • ​Book signing proposal template.
  • ​Our Best Seller marketing campaign.
  • ​Pre-order ready for Black Friday.
  • ​And so much more!
And this is without our Halloween Opportunity...
It's Almost Scary...
The Austen, which usually requires an investment of $8,945, has been the focus of some magic this season, and now comes at an even lower investment (but more on that shortly)...

While offering pumpkin-loads more than ever before...
Treat 1: A Huge Discount
In mind of the season, we're dropping the investment on this all-inclusive publishing solution for those writers who are seeking only the best for their book in the lead-up to Black Friday and Christmas...

(Think hundreds and even thousands of dollars...)
Treat 2: All the Sixes...
Additional Books
A total of 6 shipments of books, instead of just 1, delivered to your chosen address upon pre-launch, enabling you to run book signings and sell copies to friends, family, colleagues, clients and fans.
6 Monthly Marketing Kits
A Notebook Publishing first, you will receive 1 marketing kit every month for 6 months, all delivered straight to your door, and allowing you to learn how to complete your own book-marketing with our professional guidance.
6 Weeks' Press Releases
All written by our in-house, expert editorial team, your book will be the focus of 6 weeks' continuous press releases, all centred on achieving maximum exposure for your book and for you as an author in the lead-up to your launch.
Treat 3: Horror and Thriller Exclusive
It is the season, after all...

So, if your manuscript is Horror or Thriller, take an additional shipment of books completely FREE!
But First, You Should Know...
This opportunity is open to no more than 13 writers (and that’s a firm number, without compromise, so that all of my writers receive high value, and the right time and dedication from myself and my team).

You are seeing this message because you’ve already shown interest in all we have to offer.

And because of that, you’re being given the first opportunity to secure your place…

Before I then open this up to our wider network of several thousand…

When we open this up to the world of writers as a whole, this opportunity WILL sell out fast!

Especially when considering the need and demand for our expertise in consideration to all we achieve for our exclusive writers.

Oh—and one other thing...
There Is An Expiry...
And that's November 3 at 23:59 EDT...

Just because we know and understand you might have plans to celebrate the spookiest night of the year and so we're giving you that extra time post-Halloween to secure your publication. 
Your Investment to Book Your Slot
I’m not going to lead you on by suggesting this is an experience that’s affordable for everyone…

It honestly isn’t.

But if you’ve read this far and absorbed all that’s on offer here, I know you’ll be completely convinced that you can't put a figure on the life-goal of publishing a book... 

And you certainly can't when it comes to getting this done in time for the biggest purchasing day of the year... 

And in the lead-up to Christmas.

But as I mentioned above, we're dropping literally thousands of dollars from this usual publishing solution... 

(And that's without the huge additional bonuses available to you at this exclusive time!)

The investment to get your book published and available in time for Black Friday is under US$7K and at an eerily spooky Halloween-inspired figure... 

But with such high-value inclusions and very few spots available, we know it will sell out like hot cakes.  

After all, this publishing solution, without all of the additional bonuses, is already a huge hit, and so with everything else, it really is a Common Sense option.
This Is Truly a Limited Offer
If you’re seriously thinking about joining myself and Notebook Publishing, you really do need to act quickly and grab your slot before they’re all gone and you miss out. 

Because, as I said, this opportunity won't be available again…

And it’s just so sad to think of the emails that come through when the opportunity has closed, asking if there are any spots left…

This is my way of letting you know: the countdown is well and truly on!
For Those Who Are Still With Me...
If you’ve reached this point in the letter and you’re still wondering about booking your place… 

Let me just say:

That’s perfectly acceptable!

I understand. But perhaps you should also consider not only my words but those of other writers I’ve worked with…

Check out what some of my other writers have had to say about me and our time together:

“Hayley and her team have done such an awesome job and are so super-supportive!” —Courtney Moore
“I’ve watched Hayley’s progress and publication activity for a year. I have so much admiration for her and all she does. She’s honestly amazing!” —Karen Grose
“Hayley’s energy and enthusiasm is unmatched by any, and her eye for detail is second to none. She’s a huge inspiration to me. If you have the opportunity to sign with her, I would not hesitate.” —Shane Dietrich
“Hayley’s honestly my fairy godmother. She is creating something truly special here, and I’m blessed to be a part of it.” —Rich Camacho
“Hayley is so very professional, helpful and just a wonderful soul. I have never done business with someone so dedicated to their clients. What a pleasure!” —Kaitlyn Sweet
“I could now never imagine publishing with anyone else and consider myself fortunate to be working with such a brilliant team” —Rebecka Eden
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for truly acknowledging how transformative, memorable and completely amazing this will be for you. 

I’m so excited to welcome you to our incredible #NotebookFamily—and to truly celebrate Halloween in style!

Hayley 🖋️📚💫

P.S. In the event you’re one of my trusted contacts and have therefore jumped straight to the bottom… 

Here’s the super simple rundown of what you can expect…

We're making available a fantastic opportunity to get your book put through our incredibly efficient, professional, industry-level publication process by Black Friday—the busiest shopping day of the year.

Throughout the coming weeks, you will be taken on a journey spanning professional cover design (through our exclusive, copyrighted Cover Creation Code), liaising with our very own head of cover design and aligning your concept with our proven cover design system.

You will be assigned your very own editor, who will complete an in-depth copy edit and communicate with you throughout the process of polishing and perfecting your manuscript. 

We will also have your book professionally typeset, before being made available in both ebook and paperback across the world's key retail, distribution and wholesale channels—both online and in-store—with pre-order set in time to benefit from Black Friday sales.

You will be recognised as an author by the end of 2019, allowing you to tick off that goal of publishing you've had for probably forever, and enabling you to go into 2020 with the status and recognition afforded to published writers.

We'll also be implementing our pre-launch, publication and post-launch Best Seller marketing, with the aim of positioning your book to earn that highly sought-after Best Seller emblem!

…Changing the course of our authors’ lives by the end of the year...

In addition to all of this, we're also adding our own scarily crazy high-value bonuses for those taking advantage of the Halloween season...

Which are, remember, limited to just 13 writers...
So Many Treats...
  • A Huge Discount: The Austen, which usually requires an investment of $8,945, has been the focus of some magic this season, and now comes at an even lower investment (under US $7K and at an eerily spooky Halloween-inspired figure...)
  • ​Additional Books: A total of 6 shipments of books, instead of just 1, delivered to your chosen address upon pre-launch, enabling you to run book signings and sell copies to friends, family, colleagues, clients and fans!
  • 6 Monthly Marketing Kits: ​A Notebook Publishing first, you will receive 1 marketing kit every month for 6 months, all delivered straight to your door, and allowing you to learn how to complete your own book-marketing complete with our professional guidance.
  • 6 Weeks' Press Releases: ​All written by our in-house, expert editorial team, your book will be the focus of 6 weeks' continuous press releases, all centred on achieving maximum exposure for your book and for you as an author in the lead-up to your launch.
  • AND if your manuscript is Horror or Thriller, you'll automatically be given an additional shipment of books completely FREE!
Importantly, this opportunity will be open only for a very short period of time (expiring November 3, 2019 at 23:59 EDT). 

And there are only 13 spots available for Black Friday release (this is firm: we won’t be budging on this). 

You are seeing this message because you’ve already come to recognise all we have to offer.

And because of that, you’re being given the first opportunity to secure your place…

Before I open this up to our wider network of several thousand…

When we open this up to the world of writers as a whole, this opportunity WILL sell out fast!

I’m not going to lead you on by suggesting this is an opportunity that’s affordable for everyone, however…

It honestly isn’t.

Are you still with me? Still reading?

If you are, there’s a pretty high chance you recognise that this is the type of opportunity you’ve always imagined grabbing with both hands—and one you know you actually need in your life

(Especially if you see the value in writing a book on your business expertise, for example, with your book leading your readers (notably your ideal clients) right back to your business...)

The investment to get yourself involves is under US$7K (and is a Halloweeny-type figure!) and because I want to ensure all of my writers receive high value and achieve all we've promised here, I’m limiting the number of spots available to just 13 writers!

(And at the point of writing up this letter, we’ve already sold a handful!)

And it’s apparent why this is the case:

Everything on offer and all we have planned as part of this amazing opportunity is of such high value that the slots are a complete bargain.

After all, I’m not only going to be having our extremely talented, skilled and professional team of book experts design an industry-level cover, specifically in mind of your genre and your own personal book, but you will be given the very best service across all aspects of editing, design, formatting, publication, distribution and marketing... 

Just as we have done every single day for our family of Notebook authors!

Using our copyrighted and extremely effective approaches, techniques, systems and processes, one thing is absolutely certain:

You will conclude 2019 as a published author and be positioned for Best Seller success!

(And this is without even touching on the incredible seasonable treats we're throwing in as bonuses!)

And because you’ll have our incredible team taking your book through this amazing journey, you can enjoy watching the transformation from rough draft to high-end publication as you become a published author and position yourself to reap many more opportunities that are reserved for published authors. 

It really is a no-brainer. So let's take action and look at getting your 'Publish my book' goal ticked off by the end of the year! 

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